Today was the final episode of the first series of Home Front, and I’m going to miss listening to it every day on Radio 4! Each episode of Home Front is around twelve minutes long, and it’s turned out to be seriously addictive to me.

Home Front is set in Britain in 1914, while the First World War began. It focuses on the lives of people living in Folkestone. Young and old, rich and poor, everyone in the town is rocked by the war. Every new episode is told from one characters point of view. There are vicars, soldiers, councillors and the layabout town drunk! All the episodes are still on BBC iplayer if you’d like to listen.

My favourite character is Victor because he’s so sweet, he’s kind as well as being pretty feminist and not backing down from what he believes in. What he said to Kitty and what he did for her was just totally courageous and awesome. Freddie, his cousin, was a wonderful character. You could tell how much fun he’d be to have around from the second he was introduced to Home Front. And at first I thought his Dad was posh and boring and now I love him! He’s been through so much.

I also liked the episodes with Adam and Jessie. They got up to some great adventures, which were always fun to listen to.

There is a mystery right in the middle of the series, which brings all the characters together. I want to write more about it but, spoilers! The mystery is really engrossing, it makes you want to keep listening! There’s also death, love affairs, illegitimate babies and Emmeline Pankhurst makes an appearance!

I hope more Home Front episodes are created soon. It’s brilliant!






This is the best cereal in the world, because it tastes like candy and it’s beautifully colourful. The UK version is a lot more serious, with way less sugar and paler colours. if I was American I’d eat this stuff every day. It’s ridiculous, and that’s why I love it.,



It’s the best hair colour you can have. If I could, I’d have pink hair every day of my life. It clashes with everything in the most fabulous way. Having pink hair makes you feel stylish and happy. When I’m an old lady I’ll rock pink hair daily, for sure.

I have to update my blog!

Mainly because I’m sick of seeing Gemma Collins at the top of my blog! Since writing that post in January this year, I’ve decided she’s no longer my hero.

She was in Heat magazine going on about how ashamed she was of her size 22 body (‘I can’t bear to look in the mirror, my body is disgusting. I need to lose weight. I’m ashamed of my body.’)

It’s not a great attitude to have when you’re hawking plus size dresses to women who are a size 22 (Gemma’s size) and bigger. Why would you want to buy dresses from someone who has admitted she thinks your body is disgusting?

Anyway, this point was made way back in February by the wonderful Mrs BeBe at her awesome blog. And much better than I ever could!


One small splash for Gemma..

During the the summer of 2012, I did something I’ve never done before, and I may well never do again. But I really enjoyed it! I watched sport. Actual sport on actual live TV (so retro). Usually I don’t like to watch athletes sporting endeavours since it makes me feel like I should be using my gym membership instead of sitting on my bum staring gormlessly at other peoples achievements.

 But it was the summer of 2012 – the Olympics had come to London. I had the day off work. It was rainy. The men’s diving event was on. The recipe was ready. It turned out to be incredibly addictive. Some friends came over and I just couldn’t turn the TV off. Soon we were all transfixed. When Tom Daley won a bronze medal I was so happy for him. Plus it was cute when his friends all bundled him into the pool with sheer joy.

Diving is beautiful to watch. But to do it takes a lot of courage. To hit the water from a ten metre height is extremely painful.


When I heard that Gemma Collins from Towie was going to be on reality TV celebrity diving show, Splash, I thought wow, how brave is she! Diving is not an easy sport, and jumping off the board when you’ve not had that experience must be terrifying.But she’s also well aware that being a female on TV is not easy. She probably knows that her body will be under constant scrutiny in the press and online.Since appearing on everyone’s favourite Essex reality based drama, Towie, Gemma has had her body analysed constantly.

So, to summarise, Gemma knew she would be on TV in a swimsuit and she knew she’d be fabulous she didn’t give a flying fuck about the haters. How punk rock is that. What an inspiring lady!

As soon as the news that Gemma was taking part on the show, the insults began. Predictably, ex boyfriend and not at all skinny James ‘Arg’ Argent was quoted as laughing – ““It’ll be so funny – absolute TV gold. The poor girl , she has set herself up for it.” People on Twitter came up with hilarious quips like – “Watching Gemma dive on splash is like watching free willy lol” and “BREAKING NEWS: Flood defences fail in south east England following Gemma Collins’ attempt at diving”.This reaction was depressingly unsurprising. It’s unbelievable how much pressure is put on fat people to be invisible, to not stand out.

Gemma was a bundle of nerves before her dive. She had not stopped trying during training, even when her body was badly bruised.

But she did it! She wore an amazing sparkly swim suit (which will be for sale this Summer!) too. It was one small dive for Gemma, but one giant leap for fatkind!

I think Gemma was incredibly inspiring and I loved being able to see a fat person on TV doing sport, looking fabulous and not giving a fuck what nasty, narrow minded dicks would say. Big LOVE to Gem!

PS If that hasn’t convinced you Gem is a total babe – watch this!