Today was the final episode of the first series of Home Front, and I’m going to miss listening to it every day on Radio 4! Each episode of Home Front is around twelve minutes long, and it’s turned out to be seriously addictive to me.

Home Front is set in Britain in 1914, while the First World War began. It focuses on the lives of people living in Folkestone. Young and old, rich and poor, everyone in the town is rocked by the war. Every new episode is told from one characters point of view. There are vicars, soldiers, councillors and the layabout town drunk! All the episodes are still on BBC iplayer if you’d like to listen.

My favourite character is Victor because he’s so sweet, he’s kind as well as being pretty feminist and not backing down from what he believes in. What he said to Kitty and what he did for her was just totally courageous and awesome. Freddie, his cousin, was a wonderful character. You could tell how much fun he’d be to have around from the second he was introduced to Home Front. And at first I thought his Dad was posh and boring and now I love him! He’s been through so much.

I also liked the episodes with Adam and Jessie. They got up to some great adventures, which were always fun to listen to.

There is a mystery right in the middle of the series, which brings all the characters together. I want to write more about it but, spoilers! The mystery is really engrossing, it makes you want to keep listening! There’s also death, love affairs, illegitimate babies and Emmeline Pankhurst makes an appearance!

I hope more Home Front episodes are created soon. It’s brilliant!


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