Sophie’s Style Icons



Nobody was as effortlessly cool than Jennifer Herrema during her time in Royal Trux. Her smokey eyes were always hidden by her amazing fringe. Just look at that fringe! The patched up, bellbottom jeans and beaded necklaces and chunky rings on her fingers show her love of the Seventies era. I love her punk rock, don’t give a fuck, girly bad ass style. She is the ultimate rocker girl. I’m pretty sure that Jennifer Herrema inspired the stylings of one of my favourite TV characters – Kim Kelly from Freaks and Geeks. As well as the rock goddess Envy Adams from the Scott Pilgrim comics.


2. MIA


Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam is a bad ass style chameleon. She has rocked blue lipstick, ancient Egyptian inspired headresses, cheerleader chic  – and here’s the thing – she owns every single look. MIA just commands attention whatever she wears. And she doesn’t come across as trying too hard. I can imagine her getting up and saying, I wanna put on green lipstick today. MIA isn’t scared to mix prints. I love that she’s doesn’t care if her leopard print and neon pink and polka dots don’t match. She always looks amazing. Her music is out there and incredible, too – check out her super cute ombre hair and street style in one of the best music videos ever.




I just love, love, love how much of a fuck Katie Price does not give. Look at her in this recent pic. Not only is she dressed up as a horse, but she’s dressed up as a pink horse and she’s rocking the whole look with white peeptoe heels. Of course people said, Katie Price looks like such a mess! But people were talking about her, so she got the result that she wanted. Katie obviously doesn’t listen to sensible stylists and uses fashion just for fun. She’s only in her 30s but she’s had tons of iconic looks, some of which were shown off by some male models. What a one off she is. Fuck the haters, Katie, and do what you do! (Like you weren’t gonna anyway).




Michelle Williams looks good constantly. Of all my favourite style icons, it was the hardest to choose just one picture of Michelle Williams – so I chose four! Look how off beat and amazing these dresses are! Her red carpet dresses are always the perfect combination of old school glamour and quirky vintage style, but when she is dressed down she also always looks perfect and cool. Michelle also rocks her boy short hair and always looks so girly and cute it’s insane. Michelle, I want your wardrobe.




The reason why I just couldn’t omit Gwen from this list is because she’s always had great style. She rocked the ska girl look in the 90s, as well as wearing vintage 40s dresses and bindis. She looked gorgeous with pink hair, and when she had blue hair, too. I love how now she loves to wear bold monocrome looks. I see pictures of her in gossip magazines where she’s wearing beat up jeans and punk t-shirts and she looks so laid back and chill. And then I see other pictures of her in the front row and she is a full on fashionista, rocking designer dresses and sky high heels. She always looks fabulous.



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