Why I’m Egg-cited for Easter

I look forward to Easter every year!

Here’s why –

1. Easter is a time for terrible jokes and puns (see title of this post) (or don’t)


Easter is a great time for puns! You can buy cards that will wish your friends a ‘Hoppy Easter’ – an ‘Egg-stra special Easter’ or even an ‘Egg-cellent Easter’. Sure, we’ve heard them all before, but so what? Everyone loves puns. Of course there are bad jokes for all holidays, but the Easter ones really are like nothing else.

Q: What do you need if your chocolate eggs mysteriously disappear?
A: You need an eggsplanation!

Q: Why was the Easter Bunny so upset?
A: He was having a bad hare day!



2. Easter is a sign that Spring is around the corner!

journal - hello spring

Okay so right now in England it’s been snowing! It’s been so cold and walking to work every morning has been like struggling through the Arctic Tundra (maybe). But now that Easter is on it’s way, and the clocks are springing forward, surely Spring is coming soon? Let’s hope so!

I’m looking forward to pretty flowers and pink blossoms on the trees and birds singing and the smell of freshly mowed lawns. Easter is a sign of the end of Winter (we have to be optimistic) and the beginning of a brand new season. Renewal and rejuvenation.


3. Easter stuff is cute


Christmas can be way tacky and Valentine’s can be gaudy, but Easter is cuteness overload. And I can’t get enough cute. How cute are we talking? Baby bunnies! Little fluffy chicks! Baby lambs! Everything Easter related is the colour of egg yolks and sunshine. The Easter cards in the shops are just beyond twee. They are awesome.

Speaking of ridiculously cute stuff, you can buy bunny ears and wear them, y’know, around the house and stuff. Not that I would do such a thing.


I have no idea who is in this pic.


4. The Easter Bunny is awesome

Did you know that in some parts of Europe, including France, they don’t have an Easter Bunny! They have an Easter Bell!

I don’t think Jay and Silent Bob beating up an Easter Bell in film favourite Mallrats (“This one’s for Brodie!”) would be quite the same.


5. It’s time for CHOCOLATE! (or whatever)


Easter means the end of Lent. No more saying no to chocolate, on Easter Sunday it’s time to indulge! I can’t wait to eat chocolate again. I’m already planning what that first bite of chocolatey goodness will be. A cookie? An Easter egg? A chocolate bar? It’s a mystery!

Whatever you’ve given up for Lent, it’s been tough, and it’s been a test of your strength. And Easter is a time to celebrate the fact that you did it! And to enjoy what you’ve missed since 13th February – whether it was swearing, chocolate or all dairy! Everyone who did Lent, congratulations!!


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