The cast of Towie

The Only Way is Essex (which is ubiquitously known by it’s anacronym, Towie) is a reality TV show set in the beauty salons, bars and clubs of Essex. It’s been on TV for around two years now.

It was originally premised as The Hills for the uk – a reality show where there is a written disclaimer before each episode stating that although the people are real, ‘some of what they do has been set up purely for your entertainment’. Does that make sense to you? Me neither. The lines between fiction and reality are so blurred on Towie, but it didn’t stop it from being great TV.  Just last year, it was unmissable TV. It was fun and silly and great to gossip about during the following day.

But lately, Towie has really hit the rocks, in my opinion. It’s kind of fallen off. I want to enjoy my favourite TV show! So, what’s happened to make it worse? And how can it get better?


Bring back Harry!

Harry was my favourite character on Towie. He was really fun to watch because he was always cheerful, loved to dance and always listened to his friends with love and understanding. This clip above shows him dancing to Telephone by Lady Gaga at his seventeenth birthday party. How can Towie be boring if Harry is on it! If Harry doesn’t want to go back to Towie, he should have his own show. Seriously.


No more live shows!

I can’t even watch the above clip. If you don’t mind cringing, have a look! I could barely watch this episode. It began with Arg running around the backstage of a theatre with no trousers on and went downhill from there! There were uncomfortable silences and you could hear the producers telling the cast what to talk about. The best part of the Towie live show was Chloe and Diags singing Barbie Girl. It was even better than the original. But all in all, the live show was a disaster. The Guardian said, it wasn’t just bad television, it was barely television at all. Yikes!


More Gemma!

Gemma is a total babe. She is really fun, glamorous and knows what’s up. My favourite ever Towie TV moment is all because of Gemma. Watch it in all it’s glory here –

WHAT A BABE I’m sure you’ll agree. She should also have her own show.


More fun, less tears!

In last night’s episode, they showed Joey Essex, who is a real sweetie, breaking down in uncontrollable sobs as he talked about his Mum, who killed herself when he was just ten years old. I don’t even want to post a clip of it on my blog since it was really upsetting for me to watch! And it wasn’t just me who didn’t enjoy watching Joey cry. I don’t think watching people getting upset on TV is good entertainment, and I don’t know any people who do.

I would rather see Joey at his best!


Keep the cast happy!


Lucy and Mario (pictured above) have been furiously tweeting about the producers of Towie. Recently, it was claimed that Mario fooled around with another girl while dating Lucy, but the couple made up in yesterday’s episode.

Yesterday Mario tweeted – “The producers are still lying to you all… Coronation Street is more reality than TOWIE.”

“The producers have cut a lot of scenes and key facts that expose what actually happened that night to keep the only interesting storyline going on. They have known the facts for weeks… but continue to lie to you all.” I guess in a way this drama will make Towie more exciting to watch, but the fact that some of the cast are unhappy in the way they are being portrayed is not a good thing.


I hope Towie gets more fun this series. If it continues to feature people arguing and crying and upsetting each other, I’m going to (duh duh duuuhhhh!) stop watching it!


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