When I was little, I didn’t think I had an accent. I thought I sounded just like everyone else! Then I went to other parts of England and other countries and that’s when I realise how posh I sound. I have the cliche posh English accent that a lot of Americans think is a myth! But I still think it’s pretty boring. Here are my top five accents –



Geordie is my all time favourite accent. In fact, it has been voted the sexiest accent in Britain in 2010! People from Newcastle are called Geordies, and their accents are so happy sounding. I could listen to a Geordie talking all day long! Even if it was boring stuff. Some experts say that Geordie may be the oldest dialect currently spoken in Britain with words and pronunciation close to the English spoken by Chaucer. I am addicted to the TV show Geordie Shore, which follows a group of young lads and lasses from Newcastle as they go out dancing and get absolutely ‘mortal’ (drunk) and ‘buck’ (have sex). It’s such addictive viewing, and the accents just make it even better to watch. My favourite character on Geordie Shore is Gary, who is said to have a cock like a parsnip!

Geordie accents on the Geordie Shore –

Famous Geordies –

Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud, Ant and Dec, Jimmy Nail.

(Disclaimer – I may be biased, my Dad is a Geordie!)



I love Noo Joisey accents! They are adorable. I spent a whole year living in New Jersey as a student , and I loved it. I remember having to decide whether to study on the East Coast or on the West Coast, in California. I decided on New Jersey because of Judy Blume books, Kevin Smith films, Yo La Tengo being from Hoboken, Biggie Smalls (and tons of other amazing musicians) being from New York (which is really nearby) and, of course, the best film of all time Welcome to the Dollhouse being set in New Jersey. When I was living there, I remeber sitting in cafes and on buses and just eavesdropping in on people’s conversations, loving their accents. It is easy to listen in on a conversation in New Jersey, because generally speaking, the people who live there are LOUD. They wear brash colours, they have bright fingernails and they say whatever they are thinking. They love to swear. I love the way they say cwoffee. I make fun of my New Jersey friends accents but this is only because I’m desperately jealous. I am currently addicted to watching a reality TV show called Jerseylicious. I am so far up to season two on Netflix. It has made me want to go back to NJ so much, I’ve started dreaming about it!

New Jersey accents on Jerseylicious –

Filippo has got the most BEAUTIFUL accent. The way he says ‘sauce’!! omg! He should have his own show.

Famous people from New Jersey – The Boss, Allen Ginsberg, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Jenna from 30 Rock.. The list goes on and on!



I have a friend called Annie and she is from New Zealand and she has the sexiest voice ever, everyone says so! I love the way she speaks. I pick up her accent when we’re together which is so embarrassing. One time we went out dancing in London and she asked me the time and I said, “It’s only quarter to TIN” (Which is how people from New Zealand pronounce ‘ten’) and I laughed my bum off. The New Zealand accent is addictive. My friend Tom was playing Black Jack when he was backpacking round Australia and the guy he was playing with said ‘I’ve only got a SUX and a TIN!” Brilliant. If you are a fan of Flight of the Conchords, you will be familiar with the New Zealand accent.

New Zealand accents on  Flight of the Conchords –

Murray is my favourite. Here he is confusing a New Yorker.

Famous people from New Zealand –

Bret McKenzie, Jermaine Clement, Rhys Darby and Lucy Lawless.



That drawl is just so cool sounding! I love meeting people from the Southern US states. They sound like superstars. They can elongate the shortest words. It’s so sexy. I am currently enjoying ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ which follows the life of a fun family from rural Georgia. I would totally recommend it – all the episodes are up on YouTube (for now, anyway). The matriarch of the family is called June, and she is one of my favourite ever people. I would love to meet her! She is friendly and kind and she loves to save money by going couponing. She says its better than sex! They have tons of stuff in their house, in fact it’s like a mini supermarket. Having said this, I am very glad that June is subtitled because if she wasn’t, I really wouldn’t understand what she’s talking about. She often sneezes mid way through sentences which complicates matters.

Southern USA accents on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Famous people from Georgia –

Ray Charles, Hulk Hogan, Martin Luther King, Gladys Knight, Spike Lee, Julia Roberts.



I know how different Glasgow accents are to Edinburgh accents, but I hope you don’t mind me putting them all in the same category. When Charlotte got married in Sex & the City, her husband to be’s best man Caleb from Scotland, caught the eye (and ears) of Samantha Jones. “Samantha could barely understand him. But if his tongue could do that to his vowels, she wondered what it could do to her.”  I don’t think Scottish accents are sexy as much as they are soothing and lovely to hear. Having said that, sometimes when I’m speaking to people who are from Glasgow, I wish they came with subtitles that I could read.

Scottish accents from Trainspotting –

Oh how I love this ‘shite being Scottish’ rant! (Even though I don’t agree – Scottish people rock!)

Famous people from Scotland –

(This is the best list by miles – there are so many incredible, talented Scottish people!)

So many inventors! Alexander Bain (he invented the fax machine), John Logie Baird (he invented Televison), Alexander Graham Bell (he invented phones), William Dickson (he invented the motion picture camera and created the world’s first film), James Dewar (he invented the Thermos flask), Kirkpatrick Macmillan (he invented the bicycle!), James Watt (he invented the steam engine), Alexander Fleming (discoverd penicillin) – to name but a few!

PLUS! Robbie Burns, Ewan McGregor, Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid!), James McAvoy, Billy Connolly, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Chris Hoy, Lulu

(Disclaimer – A lot of my family are from Scotland, so I am really biased here too!)


3 thoughts on “SOPHIE’s TOP FIVE ACCENTS

  1. yay for Southern US accents. i spoke to a girl at Apple about my cable and she was so nice and helpful. i think all call centres should have staff with Southern accents because it’s impossible to get cross with them. but if you do, i’m sure they’d tell you off politely too!

  2. I was talking to someone yesterday, from New Jersey, who had never seen Welcome to the Dollhouse. I showed her the bathroom scene (which is the first search result for the film on youtube). Then we discussed Jersey accents, which she didn’t realize she had. People should watch more Todd Solondz movies.

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