Songs with the word BEAT in the title

Drop The Pressure Vs Doctor BEAT – Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine


This song is so much fun! My boyfriend was playing this computer game where you have to crash lots of cars and smash up an entire city – I’ve forgotten what it’s called – and an ambulance would drive by and play ‘Doctor Beat’. And I’d always sing along! ‘Doc Doc Doctor Beat! Won’t you help me Doctor Beat!’ I think you had to destroy the ambulance in the game – which sounds like the kind of thing from an Orwellian Dystopian view of the future. Such a fun game though!

Also, this Mylo remix got tons of airplay when it was released in the mid 00s and the whole way through it goes ‘motherfuckers gonna drop the pressure! Motherfuckers, motherfuckers, motherfuckers!’ I guess you can’t really tell what’s being said and that’s how it was played in the daytime with no bleeps!

BEATS OUT OF 5 – 4/5

Heart Skips a BEAT – Olly Murs and Rizzle Kicks


This song will always make me think of when I watched this being performed on Christmas TOTP (The highlight of my Christmas Day is TOTP, TBQH) at my boyfriend’s house with his Grandma. We loved the ska influenced pop and the fact that Olly and the Rizzle Kicks spent the whole time jumping up and down and getting the crowd into it. I don’t like boring pop. This is the opposite of boring pop. I went bowling last week and they played this and tons of people started dancing to it! Like they just couldn’t resist! A lot of time is spent talking about Olly Mur’s bulge. In a recent Heat magazine interview, Olly cheerfully confirmed his penis is in fact 13 cm long.

BEATS OUT OF 5 – 3/5

The BEAT of my Drum – Nicola Roberts


Nicola is one fifth of amazingly brilliant and fun all-girl pop group, Girls Aloud – who I am going to see in March, woo! Nicola stands out from the rest of the girls with her beautiful porcelain skin and fiery red hair. I love her style. I wish I had red hair like hers! Plus, her solo album was the best out of all the other Girls Aloud’s solo projects. Yes, even Cheryl! When this single came out, everyone lost their minds because it was just TOO GOOD. Nicola looks amazing in the video. She is dancing in knickers and she has red/ blonde ombre hair, which is such a good look! The song is catchy and as my friend Daniel quite rightly pointed out the other day, this song has a lot of drumming in it. It’s such a great pop song. TEAM NICOLA.

BEATS OUT OF 5 – 5/5

BEAT It – Michael JacksonImage

The iconic King of Pop made this song back in 1982 and it still sounds so fresh now. I remember when Fall Out Boy covered this song at Reading Festival and the crowd went batshit crazy. Michael Jackson was a total genius! I love this song.

BEATS OUT OF 5 – 5/5

Beauty and the BEAT – Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj


The video for this song has an underwater theme. Justin dances in lots of bubbles with lots of fun looking teens, there’s a synchronised swimming display and he also sings underwater and right at the end it’s just a ton of people screaming and jumping up and down in a swimming pool. What’s not to like! I love pop songs which have great dance ensembles in them, and this has got lots! This is a great party song. Justin sounds amazing, IDGAF. His new music is really good! Nicki doesn’t add much to this song, I have to tell it like it is. But she looks cute in her pink outfit with the fluffy pink boobie bits. I don’t know how to explain that part of her outfit!

BEATS OUT OF 5 – 3/5

One BEAT – Sleater Kinney


I have a special place in my heart for Sleater Kinney. Their music is like nothing else I’ve ever heard in my life. Carrie sings some parts and Corin sings other parts and it’s so much fun to join in and sing along with them! One Beat is the kind of song you can skip to on your mp3 player in the morning and it will get you on your way to work like a speedwalking badass. It’s a song with passion and awesomeness. Plus, there is ‘oh, oh, oh’ floaty singing in the middle of it all too. And you know what? One Beat isn’t even Sleater Kinney’s best song. Not even close. If you haven’t heard of Sleater Kinney before, which is possible since they’re not all that famous, I would deffo say to you, check them out! They’re on YouTube and Spotify and all that good stuff.

BEATS OUT OF 5 – 4/5


All of these songs are brilliant, let’s face facts. In fact, I am going to write a song with the word BEAT in the title because it seems like a sure fire way to create a great pop song! It’s really hard to pick a favourite. But it simply HAS to be Nicola. If you haven’t seen this video, do give it a watch. It has cheerleaders and Nicola Roberts dancing like a badass in knickers and heels.


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