I like to challenge myself by giving something up for Lent every year. It sounds sucky and I know a lot of people who think it’s pointless but it’s actually really fun to test your strength and the feeling you get when you’ve completed Lent is insane. It makes you feel so strong and so proud!

This year, I am going to be giving up chocolate. This is something I said I’d never do. In fact, in past Lents, I’ve often said to myself, “Well, this is tough – but at least I still have chocolate!”

I say this a lot of the time, in fact.

“I have the worst period cramps, but at least I have chocolate!”

“I got caught in the rain on the way home and I’m soaked and I think I’m going to get a cold but at least I can drink this lovely hot chocolate!”

“I am in a terrible mood. At least I can read celebrity gossip online and eat a bar of chocolate!”

This is going to be a really difficult challenge for me – but what’s the point of having an easy challenge? It’s oxymoronic, in every sense of the word, and it’s totally pointless.

So this year, no chocolate from Wednesday 13th February till Easter Sunday 31st March. I have been called crazy! I have been told I’ll never do it! Do you know what? This only makes me more determind!


1. Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Puddles


It’s impossible for me to only eat one of these delicious treats. My boyfriend bought me some on Christmas Day and I ate the whole thing before lunch! I’m glad they are so dear because if they were cheapo I’d just eat them constantly.


2. Lindt chocolate reindeer


I was lucky enough to win a Lindt chocolate reindeer in a raffle this Christmas. I kept it for a long time because it’s so pretty. It has a little bell tied around it’s neck which jingles when you shake it. However, once all the decorations came down in January, I knew it was time to taste it. The chocolate was so smooth, and so sweet, and so moreish that the reindeer was no more in next to no time.


3. Chocolate milkshakes


Too sweet, too chocolatey, too thick – too delicious! That’s what I pronounced when I first tried a chocolate milkshake at Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant in Sanny Franny when I went there last year. I only drank the milkshake once, and I haven’t had one since, but I remember it being the best gd chocolate milkshake in the world. I can’t even explain it!

Honourable mentions – chocolate milk, chocolate and oreo milkshakes, cadbury’s hot chocolate with caramel.


4. My Granny’s Crispy Cakes


This picture was taken at a Street Party celebrating the wedding of Wills and Kate. My Granny made her famous rice krispie cake especially for the Royal celebration. The entire plate was empty in minutes! These cakes are indescribably good. My Granny will be making some more of these in March when our family come to visit and they are going to be so, so hard to say no to. My Granny gave me the receipe for these treats but no-one can make them like she does. The layer of smooth chocolate, and the chewy, caramelly yet crunchy, pop pop poppy base are a winning classic.


5. A good old bloody bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.


It’s so ubiquitous and so widley available, that it’s easy to forget the lure of a bar of Dairy Milk. So sweet and so smooth, and only 60p a go, it’s something I will miss terribly during Lent.





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