FAT is not an insult

I didn’t think I’d ever write a post about Adele, since every time I hear one of her songs, I usually get depressed. I don’t think I’ve heard her sing a fun and happy pop song. She is gorgeous, however, and I love any pop star who smokes and swears like a sailor.

A couple of days ago fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld called her ‘a little too fat’ and the amount of outrage it caused was insane. It seemed people everywhere were furious on behalf of Adele. There were articles calling Lagerfeld “repulsive” “insulting” “stupid”. I have read diatribes from writers who proclaim that being called fat is the most insulting thing in the world. One article went on about how Adele was ‘normal’ and how great it was that she’s not advocating anorexia by being a size zero. Women can’t be any size except within the spectrum of ”normal” according to some people. Others have spoken about what a beautiful voice Adele has, how her songs have transformed their lives in a beautiful way, and how dare Karl Lagerfeld call Adele fat!

She really is a BABE.

Here’s the thing, though. Karl Lagerfeld didn’t say Adele had a terrible voice. He didn’t say her music was boring and depressing. He didn’t even say she was a bad person. He said, she was a little fat. That’s it.

The Daily Fail ran an article stating that Adele had ‘proved Lagerfeld wrong’ as she looked ‘stunning’ when photographed for the cover of Vogue. Because according to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE it seems that fat automatically makes you ugly, undesirable, unstylish.

This is why I think the outrage over Lagerfeld’s comments really annoyed me. Everyone seems to be acting like being called FAT is the most insulting thing in the world, when it’s not. Guess what! You can be fat, stylish and gorgeous.

Being fat doesn’t make you ugly. Being fat just makes you fat. So what?

Blogger Definatalie makes FAT necklaces, which are gorgeous, and you can buy one from here

also: I don’t care enough about this bullshit to take sides, but I’ve liked Lagerfeld ever since I read this



2 thoughts on “FAT is not an insult

  1. Agreed! To be honest, I was more annoyed that people had a reaction to his comments – it’s Lagerfeld for god’s sake, everyone knows he’s a numpty! 🙂

  2. One of my favorite exchanges from the last year was when someone said they didn’t care for Adele, and a (very thin) woman immediately jumped to her defense citing all the arguments above concerning body image and cultural standards, etc. Turns out he just didn’t care for her singing. Preemptive apologies say more about the apologist than they care to admit.

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