Okay, so I’ve never watched X factor before in my life. I always liked being out of the loop, unaware of what people were gossiping about when discussing the latest show. I thought X Factor seemed predictable and boring and crass, and I stayed way out of it’s way. Way out… New Jersey out! (Sex and the City quote there, hollla!)

After the audition process was over this year, I started watching the live shows. I thought, why the fuck not! Just for a year, to see what everyone was talking about. And to discuss it all with my buddy @j0el000.

After a while, I decided my favourite was Frankie, by miles.

Yes, yes, he’s a ‘lad’ and clearly a bit of a dickhead (who isn’t at seventeen amirite), but who the fuck cares!

Here is why –

1. I love his style. I reckon it’s a lil influenced by Pete Doherty, who is not only one of my favourite pop stars but also a stylish mess – Witness the fitness

2. He wasn’t ever boring!

3. This picture made me larf –

4. Everyone started bullying him online and calling him a dick because he didn’t get voted out of the X Factor. I tend to stick up for people who are getting picked on like that. I haaaate how people who wouldn’t have the guts to go on the X Factor enjoy going on about how terrible someone is doing. It’s so lame!

5. People said he couldn’t sing. I would rather someone exciting to watch than someone who has a great singing voice. I realise this is an unpopular opinion, so while I’m here I’ll say that I’m not bothered if someone writes their own music or not! Ha ha yes I said it!! etc



One thought on “I LIKE YOU, FRANKIE!

  1. I didn’t watch X-Factor. BUT – I got addicted to Celebrity Big Brother and was like – YES. He helped make that show. And he was great on it. Totally a cheeky chap, but in an “I am what I am” kind of way, that I liked!

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