I get a side-kick out of you

RON from Harry Potter

The books are all about the legendary boy wizard, Harry Potter, his lightning shaped scar and his battles against Voldemort – but who I’m really interested in is his side-kick, Ron. Superstar Harry gets a brand new broom while Ron has to make do with a hand-me-down stick. Harry is applauded for his efforts even though Ron saves his ass almost every time they take on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Ron gets no glory or fame, and most of the time you get the feeling that his own family prefer Harry to him, he still remains loyal and brave and strong. To me, he’s the true hero.

Where Harry is boring and moody, Ron is fun and always up for a laugh. He’d be tons of fun to go on holiday with! Rupert Grint is a hottie, too. Ginger boys are the best! And he’s friends with Nathan from Misfits in real life.



CAMERON from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Okay so the sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wasteoids, dweebies, dickheads all adore Ferris –  but my heart belongs with Cameron. I think he’s a righteous dude.

Cameron is funny, cute and full of emotion. I love how angry he gets when Ferris keeps calling him! They say the movie is all about Ferris, but how much does his character change during the course of the movie? He ends up just as smug as he started out! Cameron gets up, realises there’s more to life than getting good grades and pleasing his dickhead father and kicks some serious ass. Plus, he’s hilarious and he doesn’t even realise how much. He totally owns Rooney more than Ferris ever does (‘Pardon my French, but you’re an asshole!’ he says to that lousy Dean) and has the best dance moves for sure. And he can hold his breath forever! DUDE.



XANDER from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I had a crush on Xander ever since I saw him transform into a hyena in the first series. I think I was meant to have a crush on Angel, the tragic Vampire with a soul, but even though David Boreanez and me share a birthday, I found him pretty boring. Xander was ridiculous and fun and always there to help out. He was stubborn and could be really jealous and petty, but at least he wasn’t dull. He wasn’t a people-pleaser. He didn’t give  fuck what people thought.

My favourite scene was when he was under Dracula’s spell, and scoffed at Buffy – “Like you could fool the Dark Master!” and everyone looked at him in suspicion and he hastily added “Bater!” Ha ha ha ha.


Listen to ELLA x x x



3 thoughts on “I get a side-kick out of you

  1. I love Ron but he’s got some serious issues in some of the books (moody in parts 4 and 7 especially!!)… have you seen Matthew Lewis recently? He’s bringing on a few Neville fantasies for me 😉

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