Sophie’s Top Five Getting Over a Break-Up Films

Getting over a break-up is really tough. It hurts so much you can’t stop crying, plus it can make you crazy. When you can’t sleep, the crazy part of you thinks it’s a great idea to call your ex at 4am asking what went wrong. This is never a good idea. A less crazy plan is to watch a film which will possibly make you feel a little better.

I haven’t gone through a break-up recently, but nevertheless I still like watching ‘getting over a break-up films’ all the time. They are so lovely and comforting to watch!

Here is my top five:

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter is a cereal eating, music making, couch potato who is head over heels in love with his beautiful actress girlfriend, Sarah Marshall. So when she breaks up with Peter, he’s devastated, he’s lost and he can’t stop crying. He decides to go to Hawaii – the blue skies, sun-drenched beaches, surfer girls and cocktails will totally get his ex-girlfriend out of his mind, right? That’s the plan… but when he gets there, Sarah Marshall is there too. And she’s with her new boyfriend, rock star Aldous Snow, played by Russell Brand.

This film has it all – full frontal male nudity, Russell Brand being Russell Brand, Paul Rudd in shorts, Kenneth from 30 Rock playing an awkward honeymooner, a Dracula musical and people doing the hula. I loved Jason Segal when he was in Freaks and Geeks and I remember being so excited to see him starring in his first film! He’s lovely, and I think this is the best film he’s been in so far. People in the cinema were laughing whenever Jason Segal burst into tears (which was a lot) but it made me feel sad for him – he’s just too cute!


2. (500) Days of Summer

I avoided this film forever because I thought it would be way too indie for me. And it is really indie, with a ‘singing The Pixies at a kareoke bar’ scene and everything, but it’s too sweet to hate on. It charts the soaring highs (an impromptu dance routine with strangers in the street) and lows (listening to the Smiths and crying) of the relationship between Tom and Summer. The narrative flips between the beginning and the end of the relationship, which helps it side-step cliches and it keeps you guessing as to what’s going to happen, and when. Tom’s heart breaks, and heals, throughout the film.

This film may well put you off Zooey Deschanel because she plays the character Summer, who is pretty mean and seriously annoying (I’m sure this is an unpopular thing for me to say) but she wears some of the most pretty vintage dresses throughout the film. She looks so beautiful the whole time. And she sings beautifully, too! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is cute, too, and I swear he hasn’t aged a day since he was in 10 Things I Hate About You.


3. The Wedding Singer

This film has an incredible 80s soundtrack (‘Love stinks! Yeah, yeah!’) and Steve Buscemi is in it. This should be reason enough to watch The Wedding Singer. But it’s particularly good to watch after a break-up, because Adam Sandler plays heartbroken perfectly. Robbie Hart wasn’t just dumped – he was left at the alter. He had dreamt of his wedding day for years and all of a sudden, his dream was in ruins. What else to do but lie in bed and listen to ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ by the Cure? His sister’s husband says that Robbie is having ‘some kind of mental situation’ Ha ha. When Robbie sings his way through his heartbreak, and starts having fun with his friends, it’s like you’re there with him. You want him to feel better, because he’s such a sweetie. This is why The Wedding Singer is a really good break-up film. They made it into a musical, too. I really want to go and see a musical soon but no-one ever wants to go with me! Can you go to a musical alone, or is that really weird and lame? I don’t like going to the cinema on my own. I don’t know why, since you don’t talk to anyone, it’s not really all that sociable, but I digress…

It also has the following – Drew Barrymore, who is amazing in every film she’s been in (I still haven’t seen ET though!), a drunken bar brawl, a rapping Grandma, Steve Buscemi drunk, Steve Buscemi playing the guitar and Steve Buscemi singing a song.


4. Legally Blonde

Elle is feisty, intelligent, and beautiful. When she is dumped by her perfect boyfriend, Elton, she decides to go to Harvard Law School, just like he is, so they can be together forever. This proves that even insanely clever people can make mistakes when it comes to love. Their heartbreak clouds their judgement. But maybe Elle will enjoy being at law school, even though everyone assumes that just because she is a total girly girl, and loves everything pink, that she’s stupid. People who assume girly girls are totally clueless and the ones who are stupid! (You are the ones who are ball lickers!) When Elle finally realises that she’s better off without Elton, and maybe she can succeed on her own, it’s my favourite part of the entire film. It helps that Elton is a total dick, and Elle is lovely. There is tons of girl love in this film, too. Sure, there is some girl-on-girl crime with fighting over boyfriends, but this soon gives way to support and friendship.


5. Get Over It

This film is totally slept on. I watched it tons of times after my break-up, and it really helped. Looking back on it now, it does kind of have some lame jokes, but its’ not all bad. For example, it features Kirsten Dunst in a bikini (pictured above, with Mila Kunis, who starred in Break-Up Film #1 – Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and Colin Hanks is in it. He plays the part of a macho jock, which is the opposite of his character in ‘Orange County’, but it’s better than no Colin Hanks at all! Berke Landers is dumped by the girl who he’s been in love with for his entire life. Devastated, and unable to move on, he decides to try out for the school play in a desperate bid to woo her back. But she’s starting dating the cool new boy at school – he was in a boy band, too, don’t you know!

The songs in ‘Get Over It’ are really fun, plus there is a section where Mila Kunis and Sisqo dance around in fairy costumes together. And the drama teacher is kind of funny!



1. Buy ‘It’s Called a Break-Up Because it’s Broken by Greg Behrendt andAmiira Ruotola-Behrendt. It sounds so lame and cheesy, and you may want to cover over the front cover to disguise it, but it’s brilliantly helpful. It’s like having a sassy best friend with you constantly.

2. Sever all contact. This is the hardest advice to take but it’s really important.

3. Go to new places, see old friends, go on adventures, have fun!

4. They were not good enough for you. You’ll totally be able to see this before you know it. And when you do, it’s the best feeling ever!

Coming soon: Sophie’s Top Five Getting Over a Break-Up SONGS!


9 thoughts on “Sophie’s Top Five Getting Over a Break-Up Films

  1. Cinema is a great medium for emotional catharsis. Episodic TV lacks the thematic unity that really cleanses the soul. Either that or you have a watch a whole season of semi-pointless B stories to get to a moment of release.

  2. Best line in The Wedding Singer:
    “Oooh I like her!” xDD

    And I’d almost forgotten about Get Over It – I think my sister has still got my DVD somewhere! 🙂

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