Dawn Weiner – Style Icon

Welcome to the Dollhouse is one of my favourite ever films. Originally called ‘Middle Child’, the film introduces us to the life of Dawn Weiner. Bullied at school, ignored by her family, and stuck inbetween academic over achiever older brother (Mark), and cute, ballet dancing younger sister (Missy), Dawn is not a happy girl.

So the premise sounds really grim, but it’s actually a really funny and clever film. With the best soundtrack, ever.

But I digress. Dawn Weiner is a total style icon.


Firstly, she knows how to accessorise:

People are always saying that you shouldn’t wear earrings and glasses at the same time, because it’s too busy. Dawn obviously thinks this rule is bullshit, and she is rocking the accessories look to the max. She wears huge plastic bobbles in her hair, which were really uncool in the 90s, but Dawn doesn’t care about what Seventeen says is ‘in’. And they look incredible. Plus, she is wearing amazing pink/ red earrings, which kind of look like these Hello Kitty hair-clips I have.


She wears sweatshirts with kittens on them:

It’s like she knows that hipsters and wannabe Dawns are going to American Apparell and H&M and buying sweatshirts with kittens on them for $50 a go. SEE.


She knows when and where – and how! – to make a fashion statement:

Dawn wants to make an impression on her crush, who is going to be playing at her parent’s anniversary party, and this is how she does it! Lime green leggings, topped off with a sky blue Flamenco-inspired top – and of course styled up with some earrings. This ensemble just screams ‘Look at me!’ She was Gaga before Gaga was Gaga. Amazing.


She rocks a romper suit:

Everyone loves wearing romper suits these days – they’re even available at Primark now. My friend had a pirate romper suit and wore it whenever she was home alone. She said it always made her feel better. I bet! Dawn looks pretty happy in her romper suit – but then again, maybe it’s because she is mid-way through a conversation with her crush.


Floral dresses

Dawn Weiner knows how to rock a floral dress. They are pretty much all I wear , too! Dawn takes that extra step and wears them with white socks and sandals (not pictured) which I love. I used to hate white socks because I thought they were tacky. Then I realised that was a really pedestrian way of thinking and they’re so awesome. When you wear them, you’re daring people to think you look tacky, even though you know full well you look fabulous. Dawn knew this before I did, before we all did. Because Dawn is a style icon.


Haven’t seen Welcome to the Dollhouse?

UK – It’s available on LoveFilm.com –  here

US – And Netflix – here


7 thoughts on “Dawn Weiner – Style Icon

  1. Poor Dawn Weiner. A thoroughly unhappy girl. And to come to such a bad end. It could have been worse, she could have been more like her sister.

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