Ain’t no reunion like an S Club reunion!

S Club 7 were so uncool when they first became famous, back in the go-go 90s.

(left – right: Bradley, Rachel, Paul, Hannah, Jon, Tina, Jo)

Everyone said they were manufactured, they were miming, they were fake, they were plastic, they were talentless, they didn’t play any instruments…

People who hated S Club 7 were so scared of looking uncool, they didn’t get the chance to see how brilliant they were! During the 90s there were so many boring, whiny white boy rock bands who all sounded the same, and Britpop was mainstream, and then these seven kids burst onto the scene being pop as fuck and not caring! S Club 7 had fun pop songs, and they also had their own TV show. I used to watch it all the time. They were just cute crazy kids.

All the boys liked Rachel, but I thought she was pretty but boring. My favourites were Bradley and Hannah because they always made me laugh, getting into their crazy scrapes every week. I liked the episodes when they lived in a beach house in Cali, and they all had to get jobs to make money, and Tina was a dog walker. Good times! I respected how Jo rocked her own style, and I even kind of liked her till she turned out to be, if not a racist, but a bully on Celebrity Big Brother 2007. Her behaviour in the house was so vile, I haven’t liked her since.

They made great pop music too. Everyone loves ‘S Club Party’ – but my favourites include ‘Bring It All Back’ and ‘Don’t Stop Movin’.


Today, quite out of the blue, S Club 7 had a reunion!

Here they are now:

Hannah and Bradley, my favourites, still look really cute. Everyone is saying that they all look mad and old, but I think they just look how people look when they get older. Except for Jo. She looks like she’s a bit bonkers. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s the only one boozing. They look much better than Take That do nowadays, who dress like boring Dads. These guys are all individuals. Sure, Rachel’s sequinned jacket is garish and 80s – in a bad way – but who cares!

This video has actually got better with time. In 1999, everyone was making pop videos about ‘the future’ so S Club 7 made one about being in the 1950s in the desert. Plus, the bit at the beginning shows off their mad acting skills.


7 thoughts on “Ain’t no reunion like an S Club reunion!

  1. OMG California Dreams! How could I have forgotten?
    Do you remember that song they sang that went… He’s SO FUNKY!

    I looked on YouTube for it, but could only find this… still, what a gem!

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