Skins – Talkin Bout the 3rd Generation

We were all so cynical when we initially saw the first picture of the new Skins cast, weren’t we? I thought that they all looked so weird. I also thought that Laya Lewis, who plays Liv, looked so much like Jal that maybe she’d be introduced as her younger sister. But I guess the lamest thing is to judge a new Skins cast by their initial pictures – when the series began, they all looked totally different anyway. Rich was rocking long locks and was dressed in a leather jacket and skinny jeans; Franky was wearing creepers; and Alo was driving a huge, dirty van. They all immediately became their characters and from the first episode, I was hooked.

The first picture of the Third Generation.

The Third Generation as we know and love them.

I loved watching this series because it was funny and engaging and so unlike the dark and depressing series 4. I remember getting so bored of the tiresome Effy/ Freddie? Cook storyline (although I thought Jack O’Connell is a fantastic actor and I loved Cook) and wishing there was more stuff about Pandora and JJ and Thomas. Pandora didn’t even get her own episode in series 4! But I digress…


Here are the moments that made me love Skins series 5!

Rich wakes up to Bodies by Drowning Pool

What a way to wake up! It’s a great song, always fun to dance to.

Another great Rich moment is when he tries to impress a super hot girl who works at the library by talking to her. He grabs a random book off the shelf in a desperate attempt to start up a conversation and says ‘I’ve been looking for this book for ages’ before looking at it and realising it’s called ‘Incest – a Frank Discussion’! She snarls at him and our hero runs away.


Alo and Nick bond on their way to the church!

Alo is amazing in every scene he’s in, and he’s one of my two favourite characters in series 5. He is kind and always sees the best in people, even people who are mean to him. My other favourite character in the series is Nick. I seem to always love the arrogant boys who have a secret heart of gold underneath (like Tony in the first generation, and Cook in the second), and by the time I’d finished watching Nick’s episode, I loved him. So when Alo and Nick were stuck together in an attempt to get to the church, I was really happy! I loved it when they saw the college principal together and said at the same time, ‘David fucking Blood!’  I also liked this little exchange:

Nick: I’ll die here alone, it’s what I deserve. Save yourself and leave me to the bears.
Alo: We’re in Somerset, Nick.
Nick: To the fucking squirrels then.

Nick got caught in a snare and Alo helped him out, which was really cute, and told him that he was a good person underneath all the bullshit. So when David Blood stormed the wedding, and yelled at everyone, it was Nick who stuck up for all of them, saying ‘Yeah. I fell. Down a f..reaking k-hole, actually, but these guys caught me. It’s what mates do, cause it’s screwed up out there. I don’t know if you’ve been outside lately, but it is. But we have a go. Whatever comes, we have a good go at it, because it is all we can do.’ LOVE! (Also love that he doesn’t swear in church, too cute!)


Amazing flour and condoms fight!

This looked like jokes!


Matty and Liv have a wild time – dressed as bears!

The moment where they realised they could be in huge trouble – and had to ‘act casual’ as they sneaked around Bristol in the daylight – was so funny. I loved that both Matty and Liv were trying to escape reality together – and things did get more and more weird as the episode went on – but they were together and they were falling in love the whole way through. It was amazing to watch! I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I liked how romantic it was.

Liv: Whatever we do. It’s you and me.
Matty: You and me. Always.
Liv: This is real. Right?
Matty: This is real.


This sounds mushy, but I really liked how they all looked out for one another throughout the series.

Maybe this is because they were all so awful to each other in the previous generation, but I loved how sweet the finale was this time around. No-one got hit by a bus, no-one got murdered, everyone danced around to a band who were singing ‘We are a mess, we are failures, and we love it’ and it was awesome. The girls could have had fights over Matty and Nick, but they sat on hay bales with a spliff and stayed friends. When Franky was thrown out of Mini’s party, Rich, Alo and Grace take her to a swimming pool in the middle of the night to welcome her to Bristol. I loved it when the girls all went out dancing together, and Rich showed up and puked everywhere. The boys are super sweet to each other, too.  Especially Alo and Rich! Awwwww! It was needed in Skins, and it wasn’t too saccrine and obvious, and I appreciated it a lot.


When they all get really baked at Liv’s house

Everyone is passed out, and Franky is the last one awake and smoking. When she falls off the sofa with a crash, she wakes up Alo who takes the spliff off her and shouts at a sleeping Rich and Grace – ‘Rich! Richard! You fell asleep you fucking amateur!’ When he’d been sleeping too. Hee hee. I love Alo!


My favourite song that I first heard through Skins series 5

I really liked this series. I want to re-watch it all over again on 4od but it’s been taken off. Wah! Also, the question that comes up now that Skins won’t be back till early next year – What am I going to do on Thursday nights now?


2 thoughts on “Skins – Talkin Bout the 3rd Generation

  1. The crazy drama is one of my favorite things about Skins, because it’s usually so ridiculous as to come completely uncoupled from reality and exist solely as a dramatic metaphor for adolescence. Whoever handled metaphor must have left for America with Elsley and Brittain because the only time this series came close to that was in breaking down Mini and deconstructing Rich.

    Alo’s episode was fantastic. Nothing says “being a kid” more than trying to do the right thing and having it literally blow up in your face.

    • I love Alo! He had a great episode!

      Not as much drama this series, this is true, but it was better than the Effy/ Freddie/ Cook bore-fest last time, amirite!

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