What I’d do if I could go to the US right now…


1. Go to Aunt Annie’s and grab a lemonade!

I really can’t tell you how much I can’t stand pretzels. The smell of them makes me feel insanely ill, for serious. I think what really sends me over the edge is the crystals of salt that are embedded in the tough, chewy flavourless dough. It’s like biting into a really chewy twig. But Aunt Annie’s (I found out it was actually called Auntie Anne’s too late – the new name has stuck in my brain and there it will remain forever) has the best lemonade ever. It’s sweet but not too sugary and moreish and citrusy and gorgeous. I could drink it all day. Some Aunt Annie’s places do free refills! The only problem is that you can’t avoid the pretzels when you go to Aunt Annie’s. I think the fact that I am lusting after this lemonade even though it is in the midst of a pretzel horrorshow is a testiment to how amazing it is.


2. Get a corn-dog breakfast at K-Mart!

I still can’t believe this happened. I went to K Mart in the morning (it was probably late morning, since I was a college student at the time) and I looked at what they were serving at their food stand and right there were corn dogs! Corn dogs are basically a hot dog on a stick. I’m pretty sure the hot dog meat is wrapped up in corn bread and then deep fried. They are the ultimate junk food. They are just ridiculous. So why not have one for your breakfast? That’s what I did. And the guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted a cola slushie to go with it for like 99c more. Of course I said yes! It was a really memorable breakfast. I think it’s the kind of meal you can only really do that one crazy time.


3. Get someone to take me to a diner and then order something you can’t get in England… like disco fries!

I don’t really like chips, and I don’t like chips with gravy and cheese on the top – it’s just too much… It seems so congealed.  But this dish has such a happy sounding name – disco fries! Everyone in New Jersey loves disco fries, but I only love the name. When I go to a diner, I usually order a caesar salad. They are always really good. Sorry, disco fries!


4. Brookyln breakfast!

The first time I went to Brooklyn, I met up with my friends and we went to a diner and I ordered pancakes. With cripsy bacon on the top. And when they I arrived I poured syrup all over the whole thing, and it was so delicious. It seems weird for people, especially in England, to mix salty with sweet but it works so well for me. It’s definatley worth trying. The pancakes were light and buttery and the bacon was crispy and flavoursome and the syrup on the top just brought the whole thing together. Plus, I seem to remember the dish being less than $5, which is always a win for me since most of the time I’m really skint.


5. New York City cupcakes!

I can’t remember a specific place where we got cupcakes, there just seemed to be cupcakes all over Manhatten. They were all really good because the frosting they make is so flavoursome since they always use tons of cream cheese. The Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes in London are good, but not quite as good as the ones in Manhatten. I remember we once went to the Magnolia Bakery, so we could be like Carrie and Miranda –

and I got a pink cupcake like Carrie but I didn’t wear kneesocks that day, so something wasn’t quite right.

Coming soon – Clothes edition, Stuff edition!


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