Give it up for the Easy Crew!

My friends have been telling me about Rastamouse forever, but I only just watched an episode this week. I wish I’d started watching it sooner – it’s ace! It’s a children’s TV show about the crime fighting, skate boarding, reggae loving, cheese eating Rastamouse, and his friends who make up ‘The Easy Crew’.

Together they’re in a reggae band, plus they solve mysteries in every episode. Problems are solved by using love, compassion and respect, and no-one is ever punished for doing wrong. The ethos of Rastamouse is ‘make a bad ting good’ – it’s all about teaching right from wrong.

Scratchy, one of the Easy Crew, has the best style! She always wears a leopard print prom-style skirt, and a hot pink top with matching hair-bow. Even her rollerskates are stylish – they are baby pink. Plus, she is voiced by Trina from Eastenders!
Of course some boring people are up in arms because they think that Rastamouse is bad for kids to watch, because it will stop them from learning ‘proper English’. Ugh. The show is charming and fun and so positive, and I love the accents. The BBC said: ‘Although Rastamouse has a particular appeal to young Afro-Caribbean children, its entertaining stories and positive messages — about friendship, respect and community — are intended to be enjoyed by all our young viewers, regardless of their backgrounds.’


And Rastamouse is voiced by Reggie Yates! I’ve been a fan of his since I saw his amazing rendition of ‘U Can’t Touch This’. So good I couldn’t not post it here:


If you’re in England, and can access the BBC iPlayer, I’d recommend this episode. It’s so great! It kept me guessing right till the end!


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