Sophie’s Favourite Oscar Outfits

I love the glamour of Oscar night. I look forward to seeing what the stars are wearing far more than which films have won awards. Last night I stayed up till ridiculous-o’-clock just to watch everyone arriving on the red carpet. And most of this afternoon looking at the pictures from the after-parties.


Cate Blanchett

I really love this Givency dress because it’s so feminine and pretty. I love the soft lilac colour. The front of the gown reminds me of Victoriana fashion, and the unusual lime green beaded detail on the back is space age and awesome. It’s the opposite of boring, and Cate is totally rocking it. I’m sure there are tons of people who think this outfit is a total disas-tuh, but I think it’s ace. I like it when stars do something a little different!

Florence Welch

This lemon coloured Valentino dress really suits Florence. I think that a girl with blonde hair would look totally washed out in this dress. It makes her gorgeous red hair really pop. It’s pretty in a flouncy, yet streamlined way. I love the soft rah rah waves on the long skirt too. So dreamy!

Scarlett Johansson

This Dolce and Gabbana dress looks impossible to walk in but oooh, it’s so pretty. I think the dark red colour makes it look way more elegant than if it was just plain black. The gown really suits Scarlett’s new darker hair colour and more relaxed style. The lace detailing is stunning. Also, lol at the lady on the right.


Taylor Swift

So shiny and pretty! I love the champagne colour and of course all the sparkles. It’s total old-school glamour. The Taylor Swift signature red lipstick makes the outfit, too. She looks way older than her age here, but she looks so glamourous, who cares!

Katie Price

I can’t help but love Katie Price. I love the sheer audacity of the woman! She’s never been in any films, and her recording career hasn’t been quite as successful as Taylor Swift, but here she is at an Oscar after-party, hosted by Elton John, no less! Her dress looks ridiculous – it’s too short as well as too low cut which makes it look trashy. I guess Katie’s attitude towards her dress is the same as her attitude to life – just go for it and fuck the haters. This is why I love her as a celebrity! I’d hate it if all stars were polite and well-dressed all the time – we need someone like Katie up in the mix. And she really does have beautiful legs! Her hair looks pretty, too.

Anna Kendrick

I’ve liked Anna Kendrick since I saw her in ‘Up In the Air’ – she really surprised me with her acting skills, especially since I’d seen her in ‘Twilight’. This dress is just too cute. I’m not sure that her shoes and bag work, but the dress is just wonderful. I want one!

Madonna and Lourdes

Madonna: I just want you to know, if you ever need anything, don’t be shy, okay? There are no  rules in the house. I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom. I’m a cool mom! Right Lourdes?
Lourdes: Please stop talking!

Just playing. Madonna is already copping a ton of bullshit from the British tabloids who are saying she’s dressing too young and that she looks ridiculous and blah blah blah but fuck the haters! (Again) She looks fabulous! Okay so the fur gilet is kind of eccentric, but who cares. She’s having fun! Also, how beautiful is Lourdes?


This was a tough call – I initially thought the winner would be Helena Bonham-Carter.

I usually really love her quirky style and I was looking forward to seeing what she’d chosen to wear. I liked it when she wore mis-matched shoes at the Baftas and had wild hair and then she showed up the Oscars in this –

It’s so boring! It’s the kind of outfit that clueless suburban girls who are going through a goth phase wear to ‘alternative’ clubs. I’m sure the outfit was super expensive but it looks like it was bought from a stall in Camden in the go-go 90s. The corset doesn’t really match the skirt. But Helena is beautiful and I know that the next time she struts her way down the red carpet she will rock something much, much more exciting.

And that is why the Worst Outfit award goes to…

Lea Michele from Glee

It’s not bad enough that every time I watch Glee, Rachel (played by Lea Michele) sings a boring solo, and scrunches her face up like she’s in physical pain – when I am in enough pain just watching it. She then shows up at a party wearing the kind of outfit that really old people wore in the seventies. She looks old fashioned and weird, and not in a bad way. Plus, her hair is boring. I hate this outfit!

Was I way harsh, Tai? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “Sophie’s Favourite Oscar Outfits

  1. My favourites were Mila K and Hailee Steinfield because I’m boring. Love Cate’s weird dress except the lime (? I thought it was yellow, but either way) beads which RUIN IT.

    Your Mean Girls reference made me do a REAL LIFE LOL. Amazeballs!

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