Sophie’s Favourite Romantic Stuff

Film – Crazy/ Beautiful

Crazy/ Beautiful is so romantic it’s insane. It’s one of my all-time favourite films, too. Nicole (played by Kirsten Dunst) never wears make-up, or a bra and hardly ever washes her hair, and is failing school. She gets drunk all the time, makes out with boys and listens to pretty bad rock music with her best friend Maddie. And then one day when she’s doing community service, she meets a boy called Carlos (Jay Hernendez). He is not only beautiful, but dedicated and hard-working and from the wrong side of the tracks. Carlos is probably one of my favourite fictional boys, ever. He is really kind and so lovely. Their love story is really compelling, because I can’t help but want them both to be happy. Watch this film whenever you can!



Song – Million Miles by Mirah

This song is so romantic and lovely. All of Mirah’s songs are great because she has such a beautiful voice and she plays the ukelele, too. My friend Ben has a ukelele and I want to play it so much. But it needs new strings! Where can I find ukelele strings? What I like about this song is that it’s so pretty and even though it’s about being lonely and waiting for someone to come back, it’s got such a happy melody.



Book – Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

(it’s a film too but I love the language of the book – gorgeous!)

I read this book at an impressionable age. When I was fifteen, my drama teacher told me to read ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ in preparation for the play I was in, which was ‘Blood Wedding’. She said it captured the passion of the play completely. ‘The women have big thighs and bellies and climb onto the kitchen table and give birth, or have sex. There’s blood and sweat and passion!’ Of course, I loved it. The main character, Tita, was also fifteen at the start of the novel. She falls in love with this amazing guy, but he has to marry her older sister! And poor Tita has to look after her mother because she’s the youngest girl in the family. Stupid traditions! Tita pours her grief into her cooking, and her passion into her cooking, and it wildly affects everyone who eats it. It’s sensual and gorgeous and magical.



Scene in Second Generation Skins – Naomi and Emily’s Bike Ride

Emily has lived in the shadow of her sassy twin sister, Katie, forever. And she has a huge crush on Naomi, but can’t seem to get close to her. Naomi’s life is messy and complicated. She shares her house (and sometimes her bed) with all of her Mum’s freeloading hippie friends, and their children. She wants everyone to be amiable, but they’re not. So when Naomi agrees to go on a bike ride with Emily, and you see them cycling away from their mixed up lives together, it’s so romantic. I love this scene. It’s full of hope and that freewheeling excitement feeling you have in your belly when you’re falling in love and you can’t stop it.

And this song plays during the scene and it’s such a gorgeous song!



Film – All Over Me

Summertime in New York City, and Claude (played by Allison Folland)  is feeling listless and lost. Her best friend and sometime make-out buddy Ellen (Tara Subkoff) has a new boyfriend and is getting caught up with the wrong crowd. A gay man who recentley moved into her neighbourhood is murdered, and Claude suspects a local group of outspokenly homophobic guys are to blame. Claude meets a mysterious pink haired musician girl called Lucy, who introduces her to the riot grrrl scene where the girls are in the bands and their voices are heard. Lucy is so cute it’s ridiculous. The film also stars Wilson Cruz, who played Ricky in ‘My So-Called Life. There is an awesome soundtrack, with Ani di Franco and Sleater Kinney, plus the girl who plays Lucy – Leisha Hailey – was in the band The Murmers and now is in Uh Hur Her. So good.

Someone made this cute video about Claude and Lucy, it’s soooooooooooo cute:




1. That scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral where Hugh Grant kisses Andie McDowell in the pouring rain and she says ‘Is ir raining? I didn’t notice’. Really annoying! People who think this is romantic are crazy.



2. The song ‘I’ll Be Watching You’ by the Police. People like to play this song at weddings, which is really weird since it’s the stalkers anthem. It’s about a guy who says he’ll never stop watching this girl, even though she’s obviously dumped his loser ass. I would suggest listening to the P Diddy and Faith Evans version, which they recorded in a huge hurry just after Biggie died.  TUNE.



3. Twilight – especially Edward! Bella has a huge crush on Edward in the Twilight books. He watches her while she sleeps, stops her from driving her car, leaves her when he feels like it and is generally moody and mean. Ugh. I don’t understand why so many girls think he’s the ideal boyfriend. I could say he has a face like a foot, and Vampires don’t sparkle, but I won’t be that mean!


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