I have always loved Valentine’s Day, even when so many people are cynical about it.

Okay so, sure, it’s a holiday that has been created in the lull between Christmas and Easter, during one of the most cold and grey months of the year, just to sell some extra loot to mindless consumers. It’s tacky and pointless and you shouldn’t have to buy a card for your sweetheart because a holiday deems you must. It can make you feel sad about being single, sad about pining for the wrong person that your heart just won’t stop crushing on.

But I can’t help but loving Valentine’s Day! Firstly, it’s because I’m a romantic. I cry whenever something soppy happens in a film, I don’t care if it’s corny, it gets me every time.

And I love pink. Everything is pink and red for Valentine’s Day and it’s all so pretty!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts make cakes that are as pretty as this:

There are heart shaped chocolates and candy in cute pink boxes in the shops.

And beautiful flowers everywhere! (and some of those fugly bargain one wilting red rose in a cellophane tube options)

Because I’m a girl who loves pink and flowers and candy and pretty stuff, I can’t not love V-Day. I am more looking forward to the week after V-Day, when all the pink heart shaped treats go on sale. Wooo!


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