French fancies

I went to visit my family in the South of France last week.

I loved sitting at pavement cafes, watching the people walk by. Practically everyone I saw was stylish. I saw girls wearing sky-high wedges with black skinny jeans. I saw a girls wearing baggy harem pants with loose summer dresses worn with cardigans over the top. There were lovely black and flower-print dresses and skirts in Etam, and bright striped jumpsuits in H&M.

I love the adverts that 3 Suisses have up everywhere, too.

The last time I was in France, I got a makeover at Sephora and it was awesome. They gave me smoky eyes and really pale pink sparkling lip-gloss and it looked so sixties and chic. I’ve tried to re-create it but it’s never quite the same.

I got a copy of this before I went home:

Although Australian Vogue is my ultimate favourite, I love love love Vogue Paris. The editorials are always so interesting and beautiful. The new editor, Emmaunelle Alt, always looks so French-chic. She wears dark skinny jeans, dark heels and biker jackets, like so many of the way cool girls in France.

All available in the shops and online now!

French pop is awesome, too!

This is one of my favourite songs – I find it impossible to play just once.


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