I have naturally dark blonde hair – an American friend of mine calls it ‘Dishwater Blonde’ which I think sounds awesome! I like to brighten it up with highlights whenever I can. But lately, I just can’t afford it. This means that my hair is now darker at the top, which I usually hate. I tend to think that it’ll look trashy and bad but it really doesn’t. It kind of looks good!

I then read about how dark roots are in style, and looked at some famous girls who are rocking this look. I think it looks pretty good, like, ‘I can’t be bothered to go to the salon, I’m too busy being fabulous’.


1. Sarah Jessica Parker

The dark roots really reflect Carrie’s effortless style in Sex and the City. I loved it that time she fell in the lake in Central Park and went home wearing one of Big’s white shirts, accessorised with a belt and heels. So low-budget fabulous.



2. Drew Barrymore

Of course, Drew Barrymore looks good all the time, but this look is so laid-back and cute. It reminds me of how one time she was seen in Hawaii smoking a doob with Cameron Diaz. This is total surfer girl chic.



3.Britney Spears

Britney continues to be fabulous – I play her new song ‘Hold It Against Me’ almost every day – and she has never looked better than how she did in the ‘Boys’ video. Her dark roots make her look more edgy in a wild and seductive way.



4. Reece Witherspoon

Tracy Flick wouldn’t have dark roots! Reece looks effortlessly pretty here – her roots aren’t all that dark since she obviously has dark blonde hair naturally – and I  love the cut, too. I want hair this long!



5. Elle Macpherson

Elle makes her roots look so chic. She’s probably really tired of going to the salon all the time. This hair style reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parkers and I really like it.



6. Cassie from Skins

Cassie’s dark roots only began to show in the second series – when her boyfriend starting sexing someone else, and her best friend was really ill, and she was disco dancing through her A-level exam. It’s like she stopped worrying about her hair as she had tons of other worries in her life. Or am I looking too much into this?



Now, listen to ‘ROOTS! BLOODY ROOTS!’ by Sepultura


2 thoughts on “Roots!

  1. I love this look too! Although I admit it looks best on dark blondes and not so great on me with my apricot hair and massive roots, oops. That’s just me being lazy!

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