Best couples on TV

1. Jess and Rory from Gilmore Girls

Rory used to have a super boring boyfriend called Dean, who may as well have been dating Lorelai too. He was known for being tall and not getting any pop culture references. Then Jess arrived in Stars Hollow and Rory finally got bored of Dean the lumberer. Jess was everything Dean wasn’t – smart, cynical, rude and funny. He was the boy from New York City, he knew about punk rock and Slint, read all the Beats and couldn’t help getting into fights every other episode. Even one time with a swan.

Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia were dating in real life too. That is, until Milo called Alexis a cunt in public.

The couple also parted ways on Gilmore Girls, I can’t remember why. I think Jess should have called Rory a cunt in public too, since she was so boring plus totally mean and judgemental. Rory went on to date a blond, rich playboy called Logan who frequently stood her up, made her cry and, less forgivingly, nicknamed her ‘Ace’. Jess lived in Philly, got a book published and turned out to be very zen and awesome. Bad decision, Rory!



2. Chris and Jal from Skins

Chris was a party loving, rebellious, exciting and caring whirlwind of a boy who fell for Jal, who was bored of being the sensible one in her friendship group. Jal had the patience and understanding to look underneath Chris’s wild veneer, and sat with him at his brother’s grave. She was always there to hold his hand, and smack him in the balls when he did something stupid.

I thought Jal was one of the most boring Skins characters in Series One, but once I saw her in Series Two I realised just how awesome she was. I liked it when Chris encouraged her to do things she wouldn’t normally do. She ran on stage where a band were playing and grabbed the lead singer, kissing him and then stealing his ridiculous Kooks-style hat.

Their story was a sad one, but my GOSH it was better than the boring boring bore fest that was Funsponge and Effy in the Second Skins generation.



3. David and Graeme from Corrie

I haaaaaate the word ‘bromance’ but the relationship between David and Graeme on my favourite soap, Coronation Street, is more poignant and fulfilling than ones they have had with other girls. Well, one girl – Tina. First she dated David, and then she dated Graeme. Even this has not stopped their friendship. Graeme knew David would be really, really mad when he found out that his ex-girlfriend was dating his best friend, so he did what anyone else would do – he handcuffed David to a radiator before he told him what was going on.

David and Graeme met when they were both in prison. David was so nervous to meet his new cellmate, and lay in his bed in fear when Graeme shuffled through the door, singing ‘Dry Your Eyes’ by the Streets in an eerie, tuneless, psycho kind of way. But Graeme, although still insane, proved to be a great friend to David. They have their own elaborate high five handshake, which goes on forever.

They take the piss out of each other more or less constantly, but it’s in a gentle and kind way. I would like these two to wake up and realise that they are in love! That would be great Corrie.



4. Oz and Willow from Buffy

Okay, so Buffy hasn’t been on TV in forever – and everyone is always raving about how amazing the Spike/ Buffy relationship was, or enthusing about Tara and Willow – but I loved the way Willow and Oz were together. Oz always supported Willow in everything she said and she did – ‘As Willow goes, so goes my Nation’ – I remember him saying in on episode. And he bought her a Pez witch. And he forgave her for having an affair with Xander. And he was kind and funny. And he played guitar in a really good band.

Hmmm, maybe I just have a crush on Oz from Buffy?


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