Lullaby rock!

I have a baby nephew!

I haven’t met him yet but the word is, he’s been listening to a lullaby version of Octopus’s Garden by the Beatles. As I had no idea you could get lullaby versions of pop songs, of course I started searching for them right away.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Of course, this is the first one I sought out. Can the grunge anthem calling us to load up on guns and bring our friends work as a lullaby? It’s not a very sleepy song. I guess the repeated ‘hello’s could be seen as quite dream-like.
Okay, so on listening, it does kind of work. The sound quality is kind of tinny, xylophone on keyboards style. It sounds pretty good! The build up to the chorus is pretty full on for something which is meant to be a lullaby!
Listening to this makes me want to hear the original again. I know Kurt hated playing it after a while, but it is an awesome song.

Fade to Black – Metallica

Even when it’s created out of lovely twinkly sounds, you can tell this song is pretty dark! This song is multi-layered and does have a beautiful melody, and I prefer the accoustic version anyways, so it does work well as a lullaby. In true Metallica fashion, the ‘Fade to Black’ lullaby goes on for a mega ten minutes and twenty two seconds, which is three minutes longer than the original. If I was playing this to a sleeping tot I’d really have the urge to sing the words, as they are missing from this version, and I think ’emptiness is filling me to the point of agony’ may not be the best thing to sing to a baby!

Sweet Child of Mine – Guns n Roses

This is definatley the best lullaby rock song I’ve heard so far. Starting with bird song and with frogs croaking now and then, it’s a lovely version of a classic song! And no image of Axl Rose to give you nightmares! I remember when I saw Guns n Roses at Reading. It was raining, they were 59 minutes late (an hour late and they would have got a fine) and everyone was so unimpressed with them. They opened with a song from the ‘Chinese Democracy’ album and everyone booed. But when they played Sweet Child of Mine, everyone visually calmed, and people were dancing around. It was like a lullaby for the grown ups! I like this one lots!

Longview – Green Day

The hapless drifter’s theme tune, Longview, played to a baby should probably set them off to sleep. The whole song is about being lazy and bored and apathetic! After a shaky start, this lullaby begins to work by the chorus. Without the heavy drums coming in at the ”fucking lazy” end of the first verse, they use twinkly sounds which really do sound awesome. The verses sound clunky and don’t really work, but the choruses are luscious and pretty.

Just Like Heaven – the Cure

‘Just Like Heaven’ is such a beautiful song, it totally works as a lullaby. Gorgeous, gorgeous song anyway. I love it!

Debaser – the Pixies

This sounds kind of clunky and very tinny. I don’t think the melody really works for a lullaby! It doesn’t make me feel peaceful. It keeps stopping and starting up again and not really going anywhere. I have to stop it playing now, because it’s so tinny it’s annoying! It would have been hard to follow up to the Cure anyway, but I really think this is the suckiest of the bunch so far!

Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Pretty full on for a lullaby, but it seems to work really well. It goes straight from the ‘What’s that?’ part to the ‘Rain down, rain down on me’ section, which means it totally bypasses the ‘kicking screaming Gucci little piggy’ verses which I don’t know how anyone could make sound peaceful. Plus, it shaves some time off the opus, leaving it at just over three minutes long.

BEST ROCK LULLABY: The Cure, by miles.


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