You’re Sacked!

And he wasn’t even supposed to be here today!

Guy gets fired from Dominos Pizza for showing up for his shift and calling the customers ‘bovine’ and ‘porcine’, telling a complaining customer to ‘straddle a narwhale, you chlorinated genepool’, smearing cake mix all over his face and shouting ‘I’m Rick James, bitch!’ And he wasn’t even rostered on for a shift that day.

You’re Sacked! Rating: 5/5

This guy sounds like fun! And smart, too. He was said to be becoming frustrated because he couldn’t remember the 47th digit of pi. I’d put cake mix on my face if that happened to me, too! (Maybe).

Facebook Firing

A woman, known as Lindsay, updated her Facebook status with ‘OMG I HATE MY JOB! My boss is a total pervy wanker always making me do shit stuff just to piss me off! WANKER!’ – perhaps forgetting that her boss was one of her Facebook friends. He replied to her update, telling her not to flatter herself, he’s gay and oh yeah, she’s sacked.

You’re Sacked! rating: 2/5

Yeah, those people who go on about how much they hate their jobs on Facebook are annoying as fuck, with the ‘Ugh, Monday again!’updates and the ‘Only 2 days till Friday!!!!!’ ridiculousness – but who adds their boss on Facebook? Really?

Too Hot to Work
Debrahless Lorenzana, a female banker, claimed she was sacked last summer for being too attractive. She said that she was told she couldn’t wear pencil skirts, fitted business suits and heels because her apperance was too much for her co-workers. The bank, on the other hand, says she was sacked for ‘poor performance’.

You’re Sacked! Rating: 3/5

America’s Next Top Banker.

Fired for Farting

Daniel Cambridge was sacked from his job in a warehouse after there wdere thirty five complaints in two days from his co-workers about his persistant flatulence. He wasn’t happy about getting fired for his toots, claiming that having wind is a disability. ‘And you wouldn’t get rid of somebody with one arm or leg’ he said.

You’re Sacked! Rating: 1/5

No-one complains about noisy farts, do they? So these must have been real stinkers. Depressing.


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