Which Kiss Me song is best?

Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Wiser

If you type ‘Kiss Me’ into Google, you are more than likely to get this early-00s hit as your result. I can’t stand this song. I don’t mind jangling guitars, female vocals or even twee all that much, but for some reason when they are all put together like this, they make my hands involuntarily bunch into fists. This song is so lame! It’s faux saccharine bullshit for soulless idiots. It reminds me of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ which was about weedy white kids falling out with each other – it was no Misfits, that’s for sure. And whoever the girl singing about sounds like a total dick – ‘Bring your flowered hat’, yuck, why would you want to kiss anyone with a flowered hat. I think they are trying to sound old fashioned and cute. I bet this is played at so many weddings. UGH.


Kiss Me – Cassie

This is some slow RnB. Total make out music! Really cute vocals which flutter over the heavy beats. It’s not the most exciting song, but then Cassie isn’t the most exciting pop star. I think the best thing she did was shave half her hair off. It looked awesome. I remember everyone saying she was just copying Kelis or whatever, but she looked amazing. This song is pretty good.


Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced – the Dropkick Murphys

Okay – bagpipes. Okay – a growling voiced singer. Wow. This is the aural equivilent of getting hit on at a bar by a slobbering old drunk man who smells like sweat and poop (the chorus goes ‘I’m soaked, I’m soiled and brown’), the kind who just won’t leave you alone, and is talking total bullshit that makes sense to no-one. I can imagine this band being amazing live. I’d like to sing along to this! It’s rowdy and fun and stupid but would be a million times better with the bagpipes.


Kiss Me Thru the Phone – Soulja Boy

I’m not feeling any angst in this song, even though the lyrics show the Soulja Boy is really, really missing his future wifey. It bleeps along in it’s own happy way, I guess. It’s not something I’d really love to dance to or anything. But I admire the fact that he rhymed ‘Miss you’ with ‘Issues’ more than once. Pretty but forgettable.


Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny – the Bloodhound Gang

Ugh, this is awful frat boy rock. It even has the late-90s obligitory record scratchy scratchy grating through the chorus. Switching off now. It lasted one minute, 43 seconds.


Kiss Me Deadly – Reel Big Fish

This weekend I was at my friends house for some girl talk while the boys were in the kitchen and at one point I looked through the kitchen door and my boyfriend was dancing like crazy. I assumed it was to some drum and bass and forgot about it, and then when I asked him later on, he said he was dancing to Reel Big Fish! This song is really fun and cute and I love how it slows down for the chorus. It’s definately a great song to dance to. I like it! After looking up this song on youtube, I found out it’s a cover of another song by Lita – I’ve never heard it before. So I’m going to review that one next.


Kiss Me Deadly – Lita

Wow! This sounds like Nena’s 99 Red Balloons song mixed up with some Jennifer Herrema from Royal Trux vocals. It’s got tons of synths, an incredible beat and Lita sounds so bad-ass and awesome. It finishes with a face melting guitar solo, too. This is the shit. I think this is my new favourite song, ever!


Ultimate Kiss Me Winner: It has to be ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ by Lita. What a song!!


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