Boring pop stars

I saw who was Christmas number one this morning, and I thought, ugh, BORING!

This time last year, I listened to the Top 10 on the radio for the first time in forever. I was really looking forward to hearing it, since there was a huge campaign to get ‘Killing in the Name of’ by Rage Against the Machine to number one, after years and years of X Factor winners always getting to be Christmas number one.

Sure, ‘Killing in the Name of’ is a really old song, and I kind of agree with the people who say the lyrics are more likely to be sung by surly teenage boys – ‘Fuck you, I won’t tidy my bedroom’ but, of course, miles and miles better than the X Factor song. There is some fire behind ‘Killing in the Name of’. It’s an angry song. I’d rather listen to a really angry song than something bland and boring and blah forgettable.


So, fast forward a year and the Christmas number one is another X Factor winner. This year’s guy is probably really lovely, but he’s not my kind of pop star. I like my pop stars to be insane and dramatic and thrilling. I can’t remember any of the X Factor winners, except for Leona Lewis, and I know she’s beautiful and she can sing, but what did she ever do that was amazingly awesome?


Leona Lewis facts:

– She used to work at a pizza place.

– She is a vegetarian

– She has a pet rabbit named Melrose, whom she rescued from a homeless man


And the current X Factor winner, Matt Cardle?

– Flirted with Stacey McClan, who used to be in S Club Juniors

– Thought about Margaret Thatcher while dancing with Rihanna to prevent himself getting a bonk on

– He uses fake tan.




Next year I hope a totally wild and crazy person wins the X Factor. Either that or there is a huge internet campaign for another rock song to get to number one. Why not this:

It’s fun to sing along to, plus everyone has either Norovirus or the flu over Christmas, so it’s apt, too.


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