TV makes me feel giddy!

I haven’t posted in ages because last week I was struck down by the Winter vomiting bug, which is every bit as fun as it sounds.

When I’m feeling poorly, I like to watch comedies and soap operas to take my mind off things. Being awake and feverish all night means there’s not much else to do.

Here’s a rundown of the many things I watched while poorly:

1. The Apprentice

I still call Alan Sugar (who was once described by Charlie Brooker as looking like ‘a water buffalo straining to take a shit in a lake’) ‘Surallan’ even though now he has to be addressed as ‘Lord Sugar’. It just doesn’t sound as good! I thought I’d hate this show because it’s about office types but I’m totally addicted to it now because it’s so funny.

The episode I saw last week was so full of awkward moments that I ended up cringing so much it took my mind off my fever. One of the two competing teams were doing a Cockney tour of London which featured Stella  singing  ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’ angrily to a group of dispondent looking tourists. I only knew the ‘Who Ate All The Pies’ version of the song and had no idea that in the original are the lyrics ‘If I catch you bending/ I’ll saw your legs right off’. Yikes!

ooh and Vanessa Feltz was on ‘You’re Fired!’ and once again I agreed with everything she said! It’s scary how often I agree with Vanessa Feltz!

2. I Love You, Man!

This film is really creepy! It made me feel uncomfortable to watch! Paul Rudd, who plays a guy called Peter, has an awesome relationship with his fiance and he seems to get on well with his brother and his family but everyone thinks it’s weird that he doesn’t have any close friends. So, the people pleaser that he is, he goes about finding a best friend. He meets Sydney, played by Jason Segal, who is an Ugg-wearing, scooter driving, fun loving guy. Their relationship seemed to be so awkward and forced. I remember when he was in ‘Freaks and Geeks’, Jason Segal played creepy yet somehow still loveable Nick tiptoeing around the Weir’s home in his tiny underpants. I kept expecting him to destroy Peter’s relationship with his fiance and his family, and then try and take over his life. He didn’t. Maybe it would have been a better film if he had! But now I’ll never know!

3. Coronation Street

This week marked the 50th year of Coronation Street, making the soap opera way older than me and nearly everyone I know. Coronation Street is awesome because of it’s Northern charm and humour which gently touch each episode, and the script writers love to pun. For this anniversary week, we got to see an episode of Corrie every evening, plus there was going to be a huge explosion and a tram crash and character deaths – it was going to be a real treat!

Watching Corrie was pretty stressful event, which is hardly ever the case in this heart-warming soap. Characters were dying, getting married on their death beds, murdering each other, having babies, robbing corner stores, revealing dark secrets, threatening each other and drinking plenty of brandy in the candle-lit pub. Every episode was full on! It was really exciting!

Ken Barlow has been in the soap since it began in 1960. Everyone was talking about how handsome he looked in the final scene, staring at the devastation and flames with his hair billowing in the wind. Rita – who is one of my favourite women on TV, was trapped underneath rubble till Friday’s episode! Hopefully she’ll be okay. I love Rita.

4. Season One of the Gilmore Girls

Before Logan and Jess, before Yale and even before Richard’s moustache, was Gilmore Girls: Season One. I watched more or less the entire season in one particularly bad day. I skipped forward whenever Emily and Lorelai started arguing, so it is possible! Rachel, who had beautiful red curls and was a photographer and ready to settle down with Luke was such a great character – and she was never mentioned again in the show. If they had wanted a more realistic mother for April, I think she could have worked really well. April would be a little younger, plus she’d have a completely different personality! Stars Hollow was more of a main character in the first season, Kurt was less bothersome and Lane’s entire life was below her floorboards.

The worst thing about re-watching Season One was having to deal with Dean all over again. I know that he was meant to be a lovely, sweet first boyfriend for Rory, but it seemed even more than than before that he was basically dating Lorelai. The scenes with those two together were really intense! Plus, she asked him out on their first date, which they enjoyed as a trio – weird, right? And when Rory and Dean broke up, Lorelai was really awkward around him and asking if they could still be friends. It was so creepy.

But it made me want to live in Stars Hollow! It looks like so much fun in the first season. No traffic lights, or Soda Shoppe, or Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo busking on the street corner.

5. The Trip

I loved this show. It started out really funny and then it turned out to be compelling stuff, too. Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan, fine dining restaurants, sing-songs, Al Pacino impressions – The Trip had it all! After I watched the final episode, I watched the series from start to finish again on the iplayer.


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