Which ‘Down by the Water’ song is best?

Down by the Water – the Drums

This song is so sleepy. And it’s about being sleepy too: “If you fall asleep, down by the water/ Baby, I’ll carry you, All the way home”. If you were listening to it on the train home, you might fall asleep and miss your stop. The verses are kind of boring, but this guy has an awesome sounding voice. It feels summery and peaceful.

Down by the Water – PJ Harvey

Her voice sounds like she’s singing underwater. It seems to come from miles away. The first time I heard this song was when PJ Harvey was singing it at Glastonbury while wearing a hot pink catsuit, and it blew my teenage mind! The song ends with the repeated whisper of “Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water/ Come back here and give me my daughter”. It’s eerie and creepy and awesome!

Down by the Water – The Decemberists

This is a pretty song, and the most upbeat of the ‘Down by the Water’ songs so far. It has a boy and girl singing lead vocals at the same time, which I like, and a harmonica fuelled middle eight, which is always a treat. But I can’t help but imagine it playing on an angst ridden episode of ‘One Tree Hill’.

Down by the Water – Pam Tillis

Like many Country songs, this is a tale of sadness and longing, with an incredibly cheerful melody. It makes me want to dance! I love the slide guitar in this.

Ultimate Down by the Water Winner: It has to be PJ Harvey.


4 thoughts on “Which ‘Down by the Water’ song is best?

  1. i’ve only heard the one by The Drums (thank you Gossip Girl, i know, right?!) and i really like that one. i am curious about the one by Pam Tillis though and will check that out.

    • I don’t even know why I watch it, it’s definitely not to be taken seriously. I think what makes it funnier is the recaps produced by Daily Intel which have a reality index which awards and deducts points based on how accurately it depicts NY life. I read those before I watch it and it adds a really funny side to them!

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