New Buffy movie!

I never care about movie news usually, but this is big – there’s going to be a new Buffy film! Woo!

With so many vampire-related films and books out at the moment, I guess it was time for a Buffy revival. In Buffy, the vampires don’t sparkle, they are seriously scary, and the girls kick all kinds of monster ass. The girls in the Buffy cast are brave and strong. The boys are hot (I once had a huge crush on Xander!) This is what makes Buffy a million times better than Twilight, and I think teens who haven’t heard of the show before are going to love it!

The only problem is, the new film is going to have an entirely new cast. And the guy who created the Buffy TV show, Joss Whedon, isn’t going to be involved at all.

I really hope they don’t screw this up!

I wonder who will play the role of Buffy? I can’t imagine anyone except Sarah Michelle Gellar being Buffy. I’m trying to think of an actress who could play her who wouldn’t – yes I’m gonna pun – suck.


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