Ron Weasley and the Deathly Hallows

I went to see the new Harry Potter film with my friends this weekend after 11pm, after cocktails. I hardly ever go to the cinema since it’s always way too expensive, but I’ve seen every Harry Potter film within opening week. It’s a tradition. My friends were tipsy and beautiful and they had sweets, too! We were ready to rock.

Of course we had to watch a ton of trailers first. I hate watching trailers. If the trailer is boring, then you just wasted five precious minutes watching a boring trailer, and if it’s good, then you just watched the funniest parts of the film, and so it’s ruined and not worth seeing.

Then the film started, woo!

My favourite character is still Ron Weasley.

Here are the reasons why I love Ron:

  • Rupert Grint is the best actor out of the main three characters.
  • He is really brave, and risks his life to save his friends all the time!
  • He’s never given tons of attention, seeing as he has a million siblings and his best friend is a superstar, but he doesn’t mind (all that much).
  • He’s more fun than Harry, and cooler, too. And has better hair.

I didn’t like the Deathly Hallows book. It was so boring! (I got way, way too drunk at a party after buying the last Harry Potter book, and when I got home I thought I was totally going to throw up. My parents were getting up early to go to France the next morning, so I didn’t want to wake them by puking. So I read the entire Deathly Hallows book that night, because I thought it would take my mind off the fact that the room was spinning wildly. It didn’t. That’s how boring it was! Or at least, the first half of the book for sure).

Considering the first half of The Deathly Hallows book involved Hermione, Harry and Ron wandering around the woods and bickering most of the time, the film was actually pretty good.It wasn’t as fun as previous films, but they gave it a good shot. My favourite part was when Harry, Ron, and Hermione sneak into the now very scary Ministry of Magic in order to steal a Horcrux necklace from Dolores Umbridge (evil and insane person, amazing style). Voldemort does not have good taste in jewelry.

There are tons of HOLY SHIT! moments in this film that literally make you jump in your seat. This is not a film for kids, but I’m sure tons of them will be taken by their unsuspecting parents to see it. I’m sure it’s not in the same league as Paranormal Activity, but I’d read the book, I knew about people being turned into snakes and who kills who, and I was still screaming tons.

My friends and I are hopefully doing a Potterthon soon. Every Harry Potter film so far, with the exception of Chamber of Secrets, because, let’s face it, that film was a total waste of time. My boyfriend said if we started watching at 10am, we wouldn’t be finished till 4am – what!


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