My favourite women on TV

1. Liz Lemon from 30 Rock

30 Rock’s Liz Lemon is smart and always speaks her mind. She has an exciting love-life but refuses to settle down with just any guy, and is a total career woman. She snacks all the time, even when she’s asleep. She’s a feminist, she makes up words and then shouts them at anyone who will listen.

2. Rita from Coronation Street

There are tons of amazing ladies on Coronation Street, which is one of the reasons I am totally addicted to the Northern soap, but Rita is my absolute favourite. She is kind and always listens to other people’s problems. But she doesn’t take shit from anyone. When people are rude to her, she is twice as rude back, and she always says what’s on her mind. She has so much dignity and always looks fierce, even when she’s having a row with her tiresome co-worker, Norris. Everyone pays attention to Rita when she offers advice. She is never judgemental, and doesn’t care what other people think of her. I love Rita!

3. Mercedes from Glee

I haven’t seen much of the second season of Glee, but I’m hoping that there is a lot more Mercedes in it now. I saw the first few episodes and Mercedes didn’t sing one solo yet. Boo. Mercedes has the best voice out of all the kids in Glee and still she doesn’t get as many solos. Mercedes is a really inspirational character because she’s chubby and she doesn’t let people’s attitudes towards her size get in her way one bit. She wears really awesome clothes, as well as a fedora now and then. She became a cheerleader, she dated one of the popular jocks, and became best friends with one of the only gay kids in school, Kurt. Mercedes often offers people guidance and sympathy when they need it, and is outspoken about stuff she doesn’t like. She won’t ever stop being awesome.

4. Wil from Huge

Wil from the TV series Huge was not happy about the fact that her parents sent her to a Fat Camp. She liked her body just the way it was. She stripped off in front of the entire camp on her first day and then put pictures of women with fat bodies up around her bunk, bothering her roommates who had a ‘thinspiration’ pictures on their wall. Wil was rebellious, and angry, but she was a good friend and always wanted to think up fun things to do. She had a crush on one of the boys there who played guitar but he liked the skinniest girl in camp. I wish Huge was going to go on for another season because I want to know what happens next! It got cancelled this year, which sucked.

5. Pat from Eastenders

I cannot explain how much I love Pat from Eastenders. She is wild and passionate and loves going out dancing with her friends. She has flings with guys who are all too wrong for her, but never seems to learn from her mistakes. She is part of a huge and complicated family, but she has time for pretty much all of them. She is a mother figure to tons of people who live in Albert Square. Pat has amazing style, wearing bright prints with wild earrings. She has been wearing leopard print coats for decades, whether they are in vogue or not. Pat doesn’t care.

PLEASE NOTE: I don’t watch Mad Men, or True Blood!


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