Stuff I Want!

When I have money, I never really want to buy much. Obviously, if it has Hello Kitty’s face on it, from stationary to sandwich makers, I am going to want it. This is a primeval Helly Kitty Lust thing that I have , even though I have read ‘No Logo’ by Naomi Klein from cover to cover and agreed with every word!

At the moment, I am broke and I’ve found myself lusting over things that I could buy if I had money.


Specifically, nigiri sushi that I used to get from an independent sushi bar in my hometown. My friend was a chef there, and he used to make the most amazing sushi for me. Biting into a cold slice of salmon lying on a bed of compact, flavoursome rice is so good, especially when dipped into salty soy sauce. The sushi industry is robbing the oceans of their precious eco-system, and the fish that is sold in sushi bars is flown from around the world, and the whole business sucks, but I’d love to have a bite of nigiri sushi! It’s incredibly expensive. So no sushi for me right now.



The advert for Coco Chanel is the total pits, and makes me cringe every time I happen to see it on television. (Keira Knightly, the actress who talks with her teeth, is running about pouting and flouncing while Joss Stone sings a really breathy version of ‘Love Was Made for Me and You’ – which is a lovely song but she ruins it with her ‘L – uhhhhh- is for the way – uhhh – you look – uhhhh- at me -uhhhh’ singing style. Thinking about it makes me cringe). Usually a bad advert can put me off a product instantly, but Mademoiselle smells so good I don’t care. It smells like spring flowers. It stays on your skin all day. If I’m feeling sad and I smell Mademoiselle on my wrist, I feel better right away. At the moment, I use free samples from shops. I would like to have a huge bottle all to myself. It would be lovely.


3.  MARIE ANTOINETTE book by Antonia Fraser

The story of Marie Antoinette is so interesting to me. I was lucky enough to find a book about the lives of French women during the revolution in a charity shop for less than a fiver, and this has really sparked my interest in French history. Marie Antoinette symbolised so much about the times prior to the revolution, both the working class and the aristocracy in France. She is still very much a reviled figure in France now, but I can’t help thinking that she wasn’t a bad person as she had been born into this crazy system and had no way of getting out. I think she seemed dignified when she was being taken to the Guillotine. I want to know more!


4. THIS DRESS from Monsoon

I think it’s so pretty! I would wear it at Christmas time!



I love scented candles, and the Yankee Candle ones always smell amazing. I remember when I was living in this flea ridden apartment in West Philly we wanted to buy candles to get rid of the flea bomb stuff that gets rid of fleas. Wow, I wrote the word flea a lot in that sentence. Are you feeling itchy all of a sudden? Or thinking about the Red Hot Chili Peppers? We went to this Yankee Candle company and there was this candle called Pumpkin Spice and it smelled like Autumn and it was so lovely but it was really expensive. The people in the shop thought I was rich because of my British accent (it happens a lot when I’m in the States for some reason), but I wasn’t and went back to the apartment with tea lights.


I would also like to get Christmas presents for my friends and family. Really good ones!

ODB knows what I’m talking about!


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