Okay so now more people are online than ever, it’s plain to see the majority of them cannot spell. They also seem to be a high-spirited crowd, as they are constantly ‘laughing out loud’. Or are they really?

In her MySpace profile,  one girl had written – “I like shopping lol… i hate school lol” and I thought, ‘if this girl really is laughing out loud at the fact that she enjoys going shopping, chances are she should be locked up’. I don’t think that going to a shopping centre every now and again is outrageously deviant. It’s not even funny.

That’s the thing about the word lol. It’s very rarely used when things are funny. Maybe that’s the point. You can always self-deprecatingly give yourself your own ‘lol’ after you’ve said something particularly lame or your attempt at humour goes down like a lead balloon.

People who don’t get it when you use a deadpan ‘lol’ must be avoided.


One thought on “OMG LOL

  1. apparently one of the people in our office does this thing where if she says something she thinks is funny she will say ‘lol’. Not ‘laughing out loud’ but ‘lol’.yes, we mock her. every day.

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